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High Quality ETP Plant Manufacturer in India

As a leading ETP plant manufacturer in India, we at Advance Equipment & Projects (P) Ltd Noida offer an advanced range of effluent treatment plant in India that are applied in mainly in electroplating industry. We are based in Noida, but we also offer services in Delhi, Gurgaon etc. Due to presence of highly toxic contents such as cyanide, chrome etc, and the industry has been principally categorized as a pollutant industry. We are specialized in attaining the precious metal chrome from the effluent. This process is cost effective and is a pollutant control.

Our company is able to provide food processing effluent treatment plants in India to various types of food industries due the dynamic and competent staff of professionals. We use our best tool- 'biotechnology' for getting the best outlet results. The products are used in the food industries for processing food like rice, meat, potato etc. We offer excellent services that are executed by a team of experts that uses the advance technology for the fabrication of these products.

There has been an increasing regulatory pressure to treat and disintegrate waste from industries which contain dirt particles such as chemicals, metals, organics and oil. As a well known effluent treatment plant in India, we make sure that our plant can provide the best treatment for the effluents from Pulp and Paper manufacturing, Sugar and distilleries, chemical processing, Slaughter house and Meat processing, Food & Beverage industries, Cement industries, Pharmaceuticals and Bulk drugs industries, etc.

Effluent Treatment Plants(ETP) Used in Industry:

Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP) for Food & Beverages ETP Plant for Sugar Industry in India
Industrial ETP Plant in India Effluent Treatment Plant for Automobile Industry in India
Packaged Effluent Treatment Plant in India Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP) for Pharmaceutical Industry in India
ETP Plant for Electroplating

ETP Plant Uses/Applications:

1. Electroplating industries
2. Textile Industries
3. Distilleries
4. Pharmacy Industries
5. Chemical Industries
6. Paper Industries
7. Tannery Industries
8. Dye & Dye Intermediaries
9. Edible Oil Refineries
10. Electroplating Industries

Effluent Treatment Plant Key Features:

1. Fully Customized Designed System
2. Lowest Operation & Maintenance Cost.
3. Operator Friendly
4. Easy to Upgrade
5. Technology approved by CPCB. ( Central Pollution Control Board).
6. Applicable for CDM Benefit.
7. Reducing operating cost


1. Totally integrated zero discharge system.
2. By Product is marketable commodity in most of the cases.
3. Complete use of condensate water.
4. Compact plant requires very less space.
5. No Scaling & Froth formation in evaporator.
User friendly plant.

Technologies used for effluent treatment process:

1. Equalization
2. Acidification
3. Pressure Filter
4. Primary Floatation
5. Fat Recovery
6. Filter process
7. Neutralization
8. Cooling & Mixing
9. Chemical Conditioning
10. Setting & separation of sludge
11. Removal of Chemical Sludge
12. Biological Oxidation by Activated Sludge Process
13. Bio-clarification / sludge recycle
14. Up flow pressure solid filtration
15. Activated carbon filtration

Effluent treatment plant highlights:

1. Purifying effluent by removing solid contents like rags, sticks, grit and grease that may cause in damage to equipment or operational problems.
2. Removal of floating and settled materials, i.e. suspended solids and organic matter.
3. Removal of biodegradable organic matter and suspended solids.
4. Removal of residual suspended solids / dissolved solids.
5. Easy processes like effluent filtration, neutralization, sludge and solid removal etc., give complete ETP solution for industries like electroplating, textile, chemical and many more.

Effluent treatment plant capacities:
We offer packaged Effluent Treatment Plant in India that are specially designed for treating low quantities of effluent like 5 cum to 50 cum per day with primary, secondary & tertiary treatment. These ETP plant are considered to be perfect for small scale industries.

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