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The benefits of Greywater Treatment Plant, use grey water recycling lower fresh water use Grey water can replace fresh water in many instances, saving money and increasing the effective water supply in regions where irrigation is needed.

Less Strain on Septic Tank or Treatment Plant

Grey water use greatly extends the useful life and capacity of septic systems. For municipal treatment systems, decreased waste water flow means higher treatment effectiveness and lower costs.

Site Unsuitable for a Septic Tank

For sites with slow soil percolation or other problems, a grey water system can be a partial or complete substitute for a very costly, over-engineered system.

Less Energy and Chemical Use

Less energy and chemicals are used due to the reduced amount of both freshwater and waste water that needs pumping and treatment.

Civil Units Required:
1. Equalization cum collection tank with screen chamber
2. Final treated water tank

Mechanical Equipments Required::

Filter feed pumps Pressure sand filter (frp/ ss/ msep)
Activated carbon filter (frp/ ss/ msep) Hypochlorite dosing system (tank and dosing pumps)
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