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We at Advance Equipment and Project (P) LTD Noida offer Water Softening Plants FRP in various sizes that ranges from 200 ltrs/hr up to 544 m3/hr and above. These Water Softener Plant are available from us in FRP option. They are manufacture by a team of experts who uses FRP pressure vessel, piping, multiport or individual valves, internal distribution and collection system, ventury for salt tank, salt injection, test kit etc.

Water Softening plant highlights:

1. Water softening plants come equipped with advanced machines, which help in softening water in an automated fashion by following latest methods of water treatment.
2. Plants are easy to install and effective to pure multi- million gallon hard water to turn into soften one.
3. Plant is suitable for cleaning all types of emulsified solutions and hard waters.
4. Plant requires low maintenance and has easy to operate functionality.

Water Softening plant capacities:
We offer Water Softening Plants FRP in various sizes ranging from 200 ltrs/hr up to 544 m3/hr and above.

The products we offer are:
1. Poly styrene di-vinyl benzene (resin) of either ion exchange make or lanxess make for better water quality.
2. Treated water quality at the outlet of the unit is having hardness less than 5 ppm (commercial zero).
3. Available from 200 mm diameter upto 1600 mm diameter and more as well.
4. Water Softeners are also available with Pre Filtration system and Feed Pumps.

Technologies used water softening plant:

Ion-exchange Technology
Reverse Osmosis
Use of chelating agents and sodium resins

Key Features:
Robust construction
High operational fluency
Longer functional life Well finishing
High efficiency
Automated functions

Chemical industries
Power plant & Boiler Application
Textile industries
Residential Use
Oil & Gas
Hotel & Hospital

Making hard water to soft for drinking and industrial uses.
High capacity cation exchange resin
Easy to install and operate
Consistent treatment of water
Low operating cost

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